This is urea fertilizer with humic coating and micronutrient elements, phosphorus and potassium. which creates very beneficial effects in the soil. This fertilizer has a patent certificate and an industrial design certificate and is one of the most consumed products of the company.
It should be noted that all products are produced with the aim of obtaining more efficiency and creating the least damage to the environment.

One of the most important advantages of this fertilizer is the targeted delivery of urea to the plant and it prevents the destruction of urea especially in the sun and heat. This fertilizer also does not have the disadvantages of urea fertilizer and prevents the hardening of the soil as well as the destruction of the soil structure caused by the effects of urea fertilizer.

In addition to nitrogen, this fertilizer has humic compounds and macro and micro elements, which is suitable for all agricultural, garden and greenhouse plants. Due to the presence of humic acid, this fertilizer increases soil fertility, root development and increases the absorption efficiency of nutrients. In addition to simultaneously increasing resistance to salinity and drought, this fertilizer reduces fertilizer consumption due to the optimal use of nutrient compounds. The use of uremic instead of urea fertilizer reduces fertilizer consumption by 40-50%, which is of interest in relation to environmental and economic issues.

Uremic benefits:

This product is the best way to use urea fertilizer because it is compatible with the environment. The combination of iron and zinc elements increases the growth rate, quick establishment of the plant and strengthens the plant foundation against soil diseases. Humic compounds improve the soil structure and help plants absorb other soil elements. It is expected that in this way, at least 20% of casualties caused by the death of seedlings will be reduced and 40% of nitrogen fertilizer consumption will be reduced.

1- Increasing soil fertility
2- Increasing plant root development
3- Increasing resistance to pests and diseases
4- Protecting human health and the environment due to reducing the harmful effects of excessive use of chemical fertilizers
5- Reducing the consumption of urea fertilizer by 50%
6- Increasing product performance
7- Improving soil structure and fertility

Scope of application of Urmic:

Urmic is a complete compound for the targeted release of nitrogen from urea, which is combined with micronutrients and humic compounds and plant growth stimulants. This complex helps to create a suitable environment for the absorption of nitrogen and micronutrients, and strengthens the plant’s ability to grow and produce crops. It prevents the destruction of urea in the sun and heat, thus reducing the waste of the used fertilizer and the fertilizer reaches the target plant more easily. Also, the use of urmic will prevent the destruction of the soil structure caused by the effects of urea fertilizer. Among other applications of urmic, we can mention soil fertility due to humic compounds, root development and increasing the absorption efficiency of nutrients, simultaneously increasing resistance to salinity and drought. Urmic is used for all agricultural, garden and ornamental crops.