Super humic

Super humic fertilizer is made from the highest percentage of humic substances. These substances include humic acid, fulvic acid and humin. Humic substances play an essential role in fertility, freshness, strength and nutrition in different plants. Super humic fertilizer also has absorbable potassium, which is an ideal food supplement for poor soil in terms of nutrients.

Humic substances dissolve non-absorbable substances in the soil and increase the ability to absorb nutrients. Also, these compounds can form chelate with food elements and transfer the desired element to the plant roots at the right time. Due to the presence of a significant amount of organic matter in this fertilizer, the use of this fertilizer improves the physical conditions of the soil and the stability of the soil structure. Among the other benefits of this fertilizer, we can mention increasing the plant’s resistance to environmental and soil stress, increasing the capacity and capability of soil cation exchange and improving soil structure, helping the development, activity and growth of roots and increasing the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms.