Sulfur potash

This product contains potassium and sulfur and has the lowest salinity coefficient and leaching index compared to other potassium fertilizers. Sulfopotassium has a positive effect on the production of vitamins, starch and sugars, thus increasing the nutritional value of products. Increasing the resistance of products to diseases, physical damage, and improving storage capacity are other important benefits of using this product. Sulfur is an important element that is present in this product in the form of sulfate ions, which is easily absorbed by plants and is used to build important compounds such as amino acids and proteins and is involved in photosynthesis reactions. Sulfopotassium has a high solubility in water, and its speed depends on the quality of the irrigation water and the mixing method.

Its most important advantages include increasing the speed of fruit ripening and shortening the harvesting interval, improving the quality, weight, color and size of garden products, the ability to use them in calcareous soils, increasing the storage properties and life after fruit harvesting, grain filling of cereals and rice. , corn and increasing their weight and increasing the resistance of crops to Hall’s disease, physical injuries and environmental stresses.