Siomic (contains seaweed)

Ciomic fertilizer is a unique combination of seaweed and humic substances. Seaweed is made from fresh kelp (Laminaria japonica). Humic substances include humic acids, fulvic acids, and humin. Siomik increases the microbial activity of the soil and along with the further development of the roots leads to an increase in the availability of soil nutrients.

Siomik is a rich combination of various elements and plant growth stimulants, alginic acid, cytoquinone, betaine, mannitol, iodine polysaccharide and amino acids. The most important benefits of this fertilizer include root development and increasing soil biology, improving soil structure and thus improving plant root system and increasing yield, long-term persistence in soil and improving physical and chemical properties of soil and thus increasing plant growth. The increase in the ability to absorb nutrients in the soil, the increase in resistance to salinity, the increase in tolerance to abiotic stresses, and the release of nutrients due to the increase in organic matter and humic acid of the soil.