organic nitrogen

Nitrogen, as an essential element for plants, plays a prominent role in the photosynthesis processes of chlorophyll production, amino acids, proteins and coenzymes, and carbohydrate formation. This element is needed in large quantities in plants, and its deficiency is considered the most important limiting factor for growth. The source of nitrogen supply in this fertilizer is ammonium and nitrate, which remains for a long time in an absorbable form for the plant and is slowly absorbed by the plant and does not cause harm caused by urea in the soil. This fertilizer has an abundant amount of nitrogen, which is suitable for use in order to increase vegetative growth, especially at the beginning of the growing season.

This fertilizer is a suitable source of absorbable nitrogen in plants, which increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll production and greenness of leaves. The use of this fertilizer will increase vegetative growth and proper root development, and will increase the yield and amount of seed protein in crops. The use of this fertilizer will increase the longitudinal growth of plants even in the cold seasons of the year.