This chelated fertilizer is based on amino acid and has a high ability to transport iron. The use of this product causes the development of roots and increases production. Also, this product eliminates iron deficiency and chlorosis caused by it and thus improves plant performance. Root development and yield increase are other benefits of this fertilizer.

Iron plays a role in many physiological and biochemical processes of plants such as photosynthesis, respiration, chlorophyll production, regulation of enzyme activity and various electron transport chains. This fertilizer has a high power in supplying iron to the plant even in the worst conditions of deficiency. The chelate type of these fertilizers is based on amino acid and has a high power in terms of iron transfer. It is used to treat iron deficiency and balance plant nutrition, and increases the percentage of greenness of plants in the shortest time. In addition, they do not create toxic residues in the soil and are compatible with the environment.