Fertilizer is one of the most important things in agricultural industries.
Fertilizer is any natural or unnatural substance that is added to the soil or plant tissue to provide one or more nutrients needed for plant growth.
Applying fertilizer will be very beneficial so that the soil is not lacking in numerous nutrients. There are different types of natural and industrially produced fertilizers.

Fertilizers are classified in several ways. They can be classified by having only one nutrient (for example, potassium, phosphorus or nitrogen), in which case they are called “direct fertilizers”. “Complex fertilizers” contain two or more different nutrients. Fertilizers are sometimes classified according to whether they are natural (organic) or chemical (inorganic). Inorganic or chemical fertilizers remove carbon-containing materials, except urea. Natural or organic fertilizers are usually plants (recycled) or derived from animals. Inorganic fertilizers are usually called chemical fertilizers because several chemical processes must be done to prepare them.

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