This fertilizer contains two important elements in plant nutrition, namely calcium, and boron. Calcium is the primary material that forms the cell wall and membrane, which acts like cement by creating pectin in the cell wall and strengthening the tissue of fruits and plants. Calcium increases the quality and marketability, hardens the fruit, and prevents and treats the physiological effects of the fruit such as bitter spot, fruit powdery, apple fruit juice, apple bitter spot, and stem rot. One of the main salinizing factors of agricultural soils is sodium salts. The calcium in this fertilizer is replaced by sodium by changing the ion structure and plays an effective role in reducing soil salinity and increasing soil fertility.

Boron, which is known as an element that intensifies the effects of calcium, is present in this formulation along with natural plant growth stimulants. Boron also directly plays a role in the transfer of sugars from leaves to roots. Among the most important benefits of this fertilizer, we can mention increasing plant resistance to environmental stresses, preventing flower and fruit drop and cell wall strength, increasing storage life and quality after harvest, and stimulating the production of new fruits and buds in plants.