Bioorganic is a powerful organic fertilizer of organic agents, phosphorus, potash and sulfur. The organic and mineral parts in this fertilizer are combined in such a way that it creates the most efficiency in the agricultural ecosystem in terms of soil fertility and meeting the plant’s nutritional needs. The advantages of this fertilizer are a significant increase in soil fertility due to organic and humic compounds, an increase in the ability to absorb micronutrients and soil phosphorus, the development of plant roots and an increase in the absorption of nutrients, simultaneous increase in resistance to salinity and drought, and prevention of soil structure degradation.

It contains the important element of sulfur, which is present in the form of sulfate ions in this product, which is easily absorbed by plants and is used for the construction of important compounds such as amino acids and proteins, and they are involved in photosynthesis reactions. This fertilizer causes a significant increase Soil fertility is due to organic and humic compounds and it provides the nutritional needs of plants and increases soil fertility.

This fertilizer contains appropriate amounts of macro and micro elements and is suitable for all agricultural, garden and ornamental crops. The use of this fertilizer increases the ability to absorb micro nutrients and soil phosphorus. This fertilizer contains absorbable sulfur and organic matter and is a suitable substitute for animal manure that prevents the destruction of soil structure. This fertilizer is a simultaneous alternative to triple super phosphate fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers.